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Monday, July 11, 2005

Um... hi.

Hi there blog readers. Sorry I was gone... wait no... I'm not sorry. It was what I needed. Had to deal with some internal shit, but I seem to have it sorted, so I'm back. With an FO.

I finished the Estonian Garden Lace Wrap for Nana and mailed it off. I hope she likes it. I'm sure I'll hear from her in a few days telling me so. :) She's too sweet to not tell me she loves it, even if she can never wear it. Here are some pics (click for a larger view if desired).

I also discovered that ducks like me. I was sitting by a canal near my house and watching these ducks. There are a bunch of them and they like to sun themselves on the banks. I was across the water from them and they were just sitting there.

And then, all of a sudden they all began an Exodus across the water. To come and hang out next to me. There were some other people there and they would scatter if these people got within 10 feet of them, but they sat down not 3 feet away from me.

Anyway... that made me happy. They were cute. I've missed playing with ducks. When I was living at home during my Freshman year of college, my little brother brought home 3 ducklings. We raised them in a kiddie pool in the backyard until they were big enough for us to let them free.

I wanted something else soothing and repetative to knit, and I wanted some really cool yarn to do it with, so I was looking through my "working" stash, and I was drawn to the handspun that Anne gave me for my birthday. And I cast on a scarf for when it gets cold again. Anne, I cannot tell you how much I love this yarn. It's gliding over my needles and the colors are so soothing to me. You can't tell from this picture, but it's kind of a brownish natural gray with bits of this beautiful mauvey pink in it. Can't describe it very well, but I *heart* it so much!

Happy Knitting and Happy Life to you all,