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Friday, December 30, 2005

Not There

I'm not in San Diego. I was supposed to be. I wanted to be... but I have the flu. After vomitting on the side of the I-15 on the way home from SnB, I thought it might just have been something I ate, and that it would go away and I'd be ok for the 16 hour car trip to San Diego. Nope. Still feeling pretty shitty although (thank GOD!) the nausea and vomitting is gone. Coughing and weak and generally crappy, but ok.

So I missed it. I missed my grandfather's funeral. I hear it was lovely. *sigh*

I still haven't heard from IK about whether they got my contract or not. Wrote to the USPS about the number not working and haven't heard anything back from them either. So I've been working frantically on a shawl that may not even be published because they never got my contract. *bashes head into desk* Frankly, I'm cranky, and weak, and cold, and tired, and I want the whole world to go away, but I want someone to bring me soup and play with my hair because I'm sick and grieving.

K, that's pathetic enough for today.