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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm absolutely crazy. Thought you all should know. If you're interested in why, keep reading, I'll cover it at the end so you can skip it if you're bored.

I keep sniffing my wrists. I got some lovely perfumes from an etsy shop and then realized when the package came that the artisan was in the same city as me! Her name is Tiffany and her shop is Blackberry & Co. I got 1 Pomegranate Rosewater and one White Tea & Ginger. I love them both, but if I had to choose I'd say I like White Tea & Ginger better. It's just soothing and lovely to me.

C and I were driving through downtown yesterday and we saw this crazy truck! I had to take a picture. First the back of the truck said this:

And then it switched and said this:

WTF! Shouldn't that be illegal?! Like, distracting to drivers and all that? The whole truck was covered in these switching billboards. It was all a mobile advertisement! It was crazy!

So on to why I am insane.....I was knitting - like a maniac - on my scarf design last night. C suggested I just put it down and enjoy watching a movie with him. I said frantically "NO! I have to work on this scarf!". He asked me why and even though it sounded stupid even as I said it, I told him why. This has a deadline. Yes, it is a deadline that's 2.5 months away, but frankly, I'm nervous about it. With this scarf I have to come up with a printed pattern because the pattern will be the basis for a kit that Andie will sell at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate, England. Maybe I'm off my rocker, but I think this is a big deal. This is a whole different country where my patterns will suddenly be sold in hard copy. And along with the patterns to include in that kit, I figured I might as well start printing out patterns to try selling wholesale to yarn shops. Whoosh! Load off my back. I haven't written about that here because I was worried about jinxing it, but I feel better now that it's out there.

That's the craziness that is all surfing around in my head and making me INSANE! I feel like there are so man things all in flux right now, and I don't know where the tide will take me. And in a way this scarf is symbolizing that. I've got this irrational belief that if I finish the scarf and finish it well, then everything will sort itself out. I'm trying to take it one step at a time and figure out a business plan... decide if I want to invest in a printer and print them myself or invest in a print RUN and have a bunch printed professionally. If I want to find a distributor for paper patterns, or just distribute myself. And then yesterday this wacked out thought came to me to offer this service to other designers to print their patterns so that they can go paper without the initial investment.

There's so much to think about and so much to nail down, and right now I sort of want to go hide in a hole and knit things that other people have designed, but alas, I don't think I'll let myself start anything (Green Gable? Chuck's Cable Socks? Spearfish? I have the yarn and the patterns and the desire to be knitting any or all of those) but Damn it! I have responsibilities! I don't just NOT go to work so that I can stay home and knit all day (even though I may fantasize about it sometimes). Anyway... there it is... if any of you have a Color Laser printer sitting around that you don't need anymore, please drop me a note. I could use one right about now.



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