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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mmm..... cozy.....

Thanks for all the comments on the last entry! Nana did love the shawl. She called on Monday night (astonishing because I mailed it on Saturday morning, and it got there by Monday) to tell me how much she loves it, but she will have to wait until later to wear it. It's too "hot" there. Spoiled Grandma.... if it was in the 60's Fahrenheit here I'd be dancing in the streets. ;)

The scarf is indeed my own "pattern". I basically found a main panel cable that I liked and then made up the rest. The side cables are a 3 stitch mock cable. I will post the pattern for the scarf and the caterpillar when I get a chance. Should be soon... maybe this afternoon.

The scarf is still making me happy (no Anne, I'm not just sayin' ;) ). I think I can get the length for the scarf out of the one skein I started with and then maybe make some fingerless gloves out of the second skein to match. They're just slightly different in their tones, so 2 different items that coordinate with each other would work just wonderfully. :) Not any interesting looking progress as of yet, so no pictures... same old same old.

Has anybody ever seen Big Fish? Did you notice the sweater that Josephine wears around her In-Law's house while she's all prego? The fabulously cozy looking cabled TENT? I totally want to make one of those. I would wear it all the time! My coworker Camille also had the same thought when she saw the movie. We found this sweater and thought it might be pretty similar.... now I'm working on a design in my head. I don't really like the cables on this version... too busy, but now I have to find a source for a whole lot of yarn for cheap.