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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"A" is for....

... Apple Blossoms

This is a picture of a 3.5 x 5" print of a picture I took with B/W film on my 35 mm camera. I love it so much it's on my wall at work. The quality is a little off because it's not an original, but I plan on someday printing a larger print and framing it and hanging it on my wall at home. This ABC-along is going to be fun! Thanks Anne!

So hi, I'm back in the swing of things and feeling much better. Still coughing like a maniac sometimes, but good otherwise. So here's the Christmas report as well. You all know about the early Digital Camera present. My little brother, Daniel gave me some Russian yarn purchased in Ukraine.

It's wool, and quite nice. There's 5 100 gram skeins ... not sure what to do with it. Suggestions, anyone? And here's the other big one.

I love when family all goes in together and gets you one REALLY good present! This will make designing knitting and sewn garments so much better! I think she needs a name though... in fact, yes, she does. So here's a contest!
Contest Rules:

1- Entries will be accepted in the comments or by e-mail until 12:00 midnight MST on Sunday, January 8th.
2- The winner will be my favorite of the entries. If I don't like any of them, I'll assign numbers and use a random number generator.
3- Prize will be determined at a later date. Could be a journal, could be yarn and a pattern... something. It will be nice though. And a package will probably include homemade jam of some sort. :)
4- Make 'em creative people. Funny is good, boring is not-so-good. I don't want to name my dressform "Becky" or something like that.

Happy naming!