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Friday, July 14, 2006


I've had this window open for about 2 hours hoping to be inspired on what to write. I've still got nothin'. OK, I take it back. I like apricots. How's that for content?

The scarf was progressing, but I've got a shooting pain in my left elbow from a nerve issue in my neck that I can't fix until I'm done with the working day, so I don't even feel like taking out the scarf to take a picture. I'll just feel bad if I do.

I wanted to post my "M" entry for the ABC along, but I forgot to take the picture when I was at home (as I have forgotten all week long) so no go there. Similarly, I would also like to post my "N" entry, but I don't want to do that before I do "M" or I will never get back to M. The desire to do N-Z is what's keeping me motivated on M.

Thanks for all your kind words yesterday. I'm still feeling a bit whacked out, but one thing at a time, and my tomato plants are staked up now, so that precious 15 min. that I spent every day wondering if my tomatoes had fallen over, can now be spent on wondering how I'm going to get patterns printed, and how I can knit the scarf when my elbow is twinging.... Off to ice it again.

Oh, one last thing... if you live in Salt Lake City, GUARD YOUR BACON! Link via Blurbomat.



Quiddity finished a modified version of the Simple trekking socks. check them out!

And Marlana finished an Icarus shawl! It's BEAUTIFUL!