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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Give and Thank

Pop on over to Susan or Margene's blogs to learn about how you can be help Katrina victims and get entered into a drawing for good stuff. As for money, I have none to spare. Unless I get some serious classes started or sell alot of books, this month I'll be choosing which bills can get paid and which will have to wait, but I may have an auction of one of my books or something else to help out.

Well, my secret pal (secret no longer) is sooo cool! This is what she sent me!

Oh yes! She sent me a lovely card with llamas on it, maple candies from vermont, and then the handspun yarn!!! The beautiful charcoal is about 240-250 yards of handspun llama wool (probably aobut light sport/fingering weight). And there are 3 skeins of her handspun and hand dyed merino silk!! The same blend Margene is using for her Hanging Vines Stole, but in a different colorway and a 2 ply yarn instead of a single. People, it is luscious! The colors are deep and vivid and I have to fight the urge to cast on immediately because I want to make sure I plan well enough to use it to best effect and use every last inch of it! So... tell me, people. What should I make? I have probably about 480 yards of it.