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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Me no likey!

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Behold a list entry, and a hat tip to one of my favorite movies, Amélie.

1- Mim likes knitting on the bus.
2- Mim dislikes loud highschool freshman kids on the bus to their first day of high school.
3- Mim likes walking across campus to work in the morning breeze.
4- Mim dislikes the walkways and hallways filled with loud college freshman who think that they have to look like beauty queens and rock stars when they come to college.
5- Mim likes her little desk in a nook in the office.
6- Mim dislikes people leaving sensitive information open on her desk while she's at home.
7- Mim likes getting e-mails from her brother in Ukraine.
8- Mim dislikes accidentally and unknowingly deleting brother's e-mails so that she thinks she's gone insane and can't find the e-mail that she SWORE she read this morning.
9- Mim likes her black-with-brown-pinstripes skirt.
10- Mim dislikes that custodians glare at her when she walks around the building barefoot.
11- Mim likes movies like Layer Cake.
12- Mim dislikes sitting around on uncomfortable couches for 2 hours waiting for people who are watching good movies to actually SIT DOWN so we can watch them, which thusly makes Miriam go to bed later than she should have been, thus preventing her from getting plenty of sleep, and then making her cranky which makes her post lists in third person instead of real entries.

Anyway... in knitting news, I finished the third adamas shawl this weekend, but it hasn't been blocked yet. I'm still waiting to get my contract. I finished Isaac's socks this morning, but when I had him try on the first finished one, he wouldn't take it off. So I only have one to take a pic of. I'll get him to wear them both and then post the FO pic. I'm always surprised by how space dyed yarns variegate. It's a little maddening. No pictures.... I'm boring, I know.

I almost forgot! Don't forget to check out Shannon's Adamas shawl too! One of my test knitters actually finished!!

*edit* How much should one charge for a knitted item? A friend of mine wants a lace shawl for one of her friends. What is reasonable?