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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Miriam's Recipes for Happiness

Don't forget the books!!!

When I'm feeling crappy, when I'm feeling great, when my day has gone poorly and I need to be comforted, when my day has gone well and I need to be congratulated... Whether I've done 10 million things, or I just SHOULD have done a million things, but I sat around reading all day. No matter what, I love me some tea. I'm not a big fan of plain green tea, but I love Jasmine tea, and black tea, herbal tea, and rooibus too. Frankly, just having a mug of something warm and sweet in my hands makes me happy. So this is what has gotten me through this week.

That's Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach. My favorite way to make it is with Sugar in the Raw and Half and Half.

I've started some socks for my new nephew Tanis. He's got cute tiny feet, but these will hopefully fit him in a couple weeks. The yarn is Katia Mississippi 3 Print in color 207. The lighter blue is really slightly green and the darker blue is more of a periwinkle. The pattern is mine using size 0 dpns. And holy shit, they're SHARP! They poked through my bag today and skewered my side. I guess I must have some thick callouses on my fingers to endure that kind of beating!

Oh, and the shawl business was settled because the friend who wants the shawl also wants to import me to visit her in Pennsylvania, so I'm making the shawl and she's essentially buying my ticket. She was going to anyway, silly girl, but I haggled her into letting me pay her back with the shawl. :) She's the BESTEST! *hugs to you, other M*