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Friday, September 02, 2005

Rippin' Rogue

So I came to a decision. After seeing Rogue just sitting around in the yarn basket, I decided that I was unhappy with her. And seeing as Elann now has more of the Peruvian Highland Wool in the right color in stock, I feel safe in revisiting Rogue. But first, the RIPPING! I decided to rip it for the following reasons... because I feel the need to justify it still:

1. I was not happy with the gauge. There was too much space between stitches for me to feel comfortable actually wearing the sweater. I would be worried about snagging loose stitches all the time.

2. The whole thing is massive! It works for a big wearing-my-dad's-sweater look, but that's not what I wanted Rogue for. Besides, it's a fitted sweater... what's the point of wearing an overly large not-fitted sweater.

So Rogue had a date this morning. I got the whole hood frogged before I realized that I was going to be late if I didn't pack my bag. So the rest will have to wait. I suppose it's good I chain stitched the shoulder seams, easy to undo.

Here's the plan. It's probably about 4 inches larger around the body (after accounting for blocking, which I didn't do before) than I want it to be. So if I use a smaller gauge (say 5 sts/inch instead of 4.5) that will give me a 35" size instead of the 39" that I WAS knitting, so I will just use the same size, but a different gauge and it should be perfect. Anybody see any logical flaws there? I suppose if it doesn't work out, I could always rip again. So that's where things stand. And since I'm done but for felting the bag I was working on, Rogue will be my long weekend knitting. Who knows, if I get enough time I may make it back to the pre-ripping point :) Of course, that would mean a big pile of wool on my lap all weekend, but it's been so cool here lately that it might actually be nice!

Have a lovely weekend all,