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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Book for Sale 2

Specs: 5.75" wide by 8.75" tall by .75" deep. 60 sheets or 120 pages if used front and back.

This book is half bound with Rayon Cialux bookcloth on the spine edge and a sturdy italian print Sunflower paper on the rest. The creamy inner pages match the background of the Sunflower paper nicely. The inner pages are blank. The binding is a coptic stitch in waxed linen thread, which is great for journals, as it will lie completely flat or even fold around. This would be a sturdy and servicable journal for someone who liked to tote it around in a bag or take it camping, or traveling, etc...

The sunflower on the front cover and the smaller one on the inside of the front cover have been hand colored. The colors are hard to capture in an image. I'm very proud of it.

Cost is $30 including shipping to contiguous US States.

PAYMENT INFO: I accept paypal, and you can use the button at the bottom for that. If you are interested in International shipping, I can do so, but it will cost you more (as I'm sure you're aware) and you should e-mail me and NOT pay by using the paypal button.

*EDIT* The buttons aren't working.... I'm not sure why... so if you want to buy a book, e-mail me specifying which one, and include your address. I will send you the info to pay me with paypal.