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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ah... that wet cat smell.

The other day I gave Ekho a hug and he smelled a bit ripe, so I decided he needed a bath that didn't come from a tongue that was scented with cat food. After a mighty struggle I had a rather pissed cat, a swatted face and a bathtub drain full of hair. But most important, I had a nice smelling cat. I think it's funny how small cats look when they're wet. I really didn't realize that fur was such a large portion of him!

"Woman! I spent forEVER getting my fur JUST PERFECT! Look what you've done."

"How dare you take a picutre of me in my humiliated state!"

Thankfully by the morning he had forgiven me.

"I forgive you because you have a warm lap."

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