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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Peek at Mittens

I checked with Terri and she's ok with me showing you a peek of the mittens that I test knit for her book.

This is the inside out front and a peek of the palm and thumb. They were a LOT of fun to knit and they gave me the courage to start the blessing socks since I'd never been satisfied with my stranded knitting before. I figured out what I was doing wrong from the post at NonaKnits on Yarn Dominance. I was twisting each of my floats together and never realized that they were supposed to strand one above and one below.

Anyhow, the blessing socks are going really well! I've completed the heel and gusset and I'm working on the body of the foot. I'll test the pattern by knitting the second sock and then I'll make it available for sale. Oh! And I ran into a guy who speaks Arabic (it's hard to do in this small city I live in), and I double checked and the words actually DO say "baraka" which really does mean "blessing". So we're all good. :)