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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Naming THE shawl

As nice a name as THE shawl is, it really needs a better one.

So here's the options that I like and the reasons I like them. Post in the comments which one you like best. If you have another suggestion, post in the comments as well.

1. Lyre- it looks kind of like a harp. It's an instrument used in Greek mythology. I like mythology.

2. Calliope- Muse of eloquence and epic poetry (very Victorian, like the shawl). Pretty pretty name.

3. Orpheus- Son of Calliope and Apollo. Played the lyre so beautifully that it charmed everyone, including the Sirens who would have destroyed the Argo.

4. Icarus- A little depressing perhaps, but the shawl looks like feathers dripping off a stick frame, no?

OK, please give me your input. And any other reasoning. Or any combinations of the names....