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Monday, July 18, 2005

Too damn hot to be modeling a scarf!

So it's been freakishly hot here. We're talking 90's and upwards. But luckily yesterday and today were mild by comparison. High 80's outside aren't so bad when compared with getting up to 85 inside your house when it's 97 outside.

You know it's hot when:

1- You find yourself getting one gallon of milk at the grocery store when you know you'll use 2 this week, just so you have an excuse to get into your air conditioned car to go to the air conditioned grocery store.
2- You will put up with your overly critical sister who is visiting for the summer just so you can eat ice cream and sit in your air conditioned parents' house.
3- You forego eating dinner in lieu of downing OtterPops like crack and watching a movie so you can splay across the couch in front of a fan.
4- You force poor defenseless statues to wear your scarf so that you can get a good outdoor picture without roasting alive.

The pattern is now available in the sidebar for those interested. It also has a full length picture there that I don't really feel like putting in this post so NYAH! ;)

*edit* And to anyone who wants to know if they can have the pattern for the Adamas Shawl, the answer is sadly... No. The people who have it now had been given it to test knit (even though some of them haven't yet ;) ). But I have already submitted it and I'm just waiting on the new yarn to make up the samples for them to photograph. The yarn is in KnitPicks' new fall line, so I assume the shawl will be coming out late fall or early winter. And that's the last I've heard.