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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

He CAN be taught!!

And in fact, he's damn good at it! Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present the newest knitter in our esteemed ranks. My husband, C! Yes, that's right. I taught him to knit last night. And there is documented proof that he's better than I was when I started :) And thanks to Margene for these 3 pics!

Here we are, starting out. I think he was baffled by casting on (aren't we all!) because he asked me at the end of the night to show him again how to do it.

But he got the hang of it and started making progress.

After 2 hours this is what he had!

And people.... get this...

1. He still has the same amount of stitches he started with(!!)
2. It's well shaped and straight
3. His tension although being a bit tight, is very even
4. He only knit a split stitch ONCE!

My husband, the Knitting GOD!