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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I love you guys!

Dear Blog Reader,

I cannot tell you of my love for you! You would run screaming, I tell you! But I love you with such a wonderous joy that I am willing to spend hours trying to find lovely things to show you. Sorry for just posting selling posts lately... trying to clean some stuff out and also trying to get some bills paid that otherwise are just going to have to wait. In addition to the last 2 posts, I've put links to those books in my sidebar under "Books To Buy" near the top there.

I am glad to say that Icarus is finished and winging it's way to Interweave as we speak. I'm soooo nervous about seeing it in print! But I sent it UPS instead of USPS, so I'm not nervous about it getting there.

I HAVE been knitting, but I couldn't show you because it was Icarus. But now that that's done, here is my current WIP.

I'm loving my new camera! Look at that detail! These are socks for my supervisor Geri. The yarn is Knit Picks Essential in Grass. It's nice and sturdy, but not too harsh. Good for everyday socks, I think. Anyway... thanks for all your lovely comments and all your well wishes with the sickness. I'm feeling much better than before. Still getting random coughing fits where I can't breathe, but they're getting fewer, so that's good.

Back to work!