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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

...knit a lot

Hi! Just to let you know, I've got some double pointed needle cases for sale in the previous post, take a look if you're interested. I put it in a separate post so that I didn't bombard you with it if you weren't really interested. Here's the knitting content. This is the unblocked shawl...

I had much headache with this shawl... and charted so many things that totally didn't work out. Including picking a border, modifying it and THEN realizing I'd charted it backwards... *headdesk* But alas, it is coming together and it's BEAUTIFUL! I'm so relieved! And finally a spot of luck. I was thinking I would need to tweek the border to get it to match up with the repeats in the shawl (it's knit on perpendicular to the stitches in the body of the shawl so it would require a bit of math), but then I decided I just wanted to be done with it, so I used it as is, and VOILA! It lines up all by itself! I sighed in relief and then poked C until he looked at it and acted suitably surprised. :) I even managed to short row the corner of the border to my satisfaction on the first try! If the rest of this shawl was murder, the border was my reward for putting up with the rest.

Here's a detail shot (unblocked still) of the border.

Thanks for all the responses to the poll yesterday. I'm taking it all into consideration and it looks like I will probably be offering this shawl pattern with multiple choices for the patterning.... I'm not sure whether I can still charge $6 or less for it, but I'll have to do some math and ask around before I can figure that out. It's just a lot more work to do that much charting and also the typing for a written out pattern.