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Friday, February 10, 2006

Mmmm.... knitted goodness!

This is my sweater shelf. My happy place of goodness. I LOVE my sweaters. I may like them because I'm usually pretty cold (low blood pressure), and sweaters are cozy and warm. The problem with those 17 knitted sweaters, 1 mohair wrap, and 3 sweatshirts (one not pictured because it was in the wash), and 1 polar fleece jacket is that of all of them, only 3 of them are remotely form fitting and flattering.

*edited to add* Just to clear up some confusion, I've only knit 2 of those 17 sweaters, and I knit the mohair wrap too. But yeah... not THAT prolific!

My quest? To design a BEAUTIFUL and functional sweater that will make me look hot. :) I've been paying attention to the cut of shirts that make me look longer wasted, and minimize my tummy bump, make me look well proportioned, etc... I've been taking notes, and I've got plans for some wool/alpaca/silk yarn I got a while back from KnitCraft in Ogden. It's a really pretty light gray with brown tones so that you almost think it's tan. It's good. I've swatched (and washed the swatch), and I'm getting 6 spi on US 3's. The plan is to do a top-down sweater with a wide round neck.

I can't start the sweater until I finish this shawl design (which is going pretty well... I'm still in the boring upper part with the same pattern repeats). So any suggestions before hand would be appreciated. I may actually write up the pattern and offer it in multiple sizes (something I've never done before). Isela already wants to knit it just from my description :)

Also a shout out to Margene, the sweetest woman in the world! She has graciously gifted me with a mountain (at least a mountain to ME) of Koigu! And a prefect little orange chibi with small needles that are great for socks! Thank you again, Margene! I love your guts! Quick question though... are all those balls the same colorway or not? I'm trying to determine that, but it's difficult. I'm thinking perhaps 2 of them are a darker colorway or maybe dyelot... *shrug* It's lovely no matter what. It made my WEEK!

p.s. Check out /vm's finished Adamas (check the links within that entry)! BEAUTIFUL!