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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sew a little...

Hi! I had a good long weekend, how about you? I sewed a little bit over the weekend. I made some double pointed needle cases!

The first 2 are $20 each, including shipping and the red and black one is $25 including first class shipping to contiguous United states. They're each sewn carefully with top stitching for nice clean lines. The pockets graduate in size (each one has a slight variation because I was kind of just sewing for the fun of it and didn't really want to measure and mark each pocket. ;)

Each one folds over and rolls up to be tied by the ribbons. This fold-over allows for varying heights in double pointed needles.

Each one is about 12" tall and about 18" wide.

The ribbons both come out of one side and then when it is rolled up, wrap around the case and tie however you'd like. I prefer a bow :)

1. The first one (that you see in most of those modeling pictures) is blue & white plaid on the inside and a denim-colored chambray on the outside, with a white ribbon tie. It has 13 pockets.

2. The second one is a burgundy fine-wail corduroy with a burgandy and pink floral motif and a matching burgandy ribbon tie. It has 13 pockets as well.

Sorry, this one is sold

3. The third one is fabulously beautiful! The fabric is from my Senior Ball dress (which was really REALLY hot). It's a true-red Japanese silk brocade with a black cherry blossom design on them and a black satin. The brocade is on the outside and makes the pockets, and the rest of the inside is black satin, and a black organza ribbon tie. There are 12 pockets.

Sorry, this one is sold

If you're interested in purchasing, please e-mail me and mlbrilliant AT yahoo DOT com. If you've got a color combination or a special order one in mind, also let me know :)