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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A REAL post!

Sorry for all the book stuff yesterday. I had made quite a few books over the weekend and tI needed to gethem up while I had the time to do it. If you're looking for books, scroll down, or as always, the links are in the sidebar.

Updates in list form so I don't ramble on and on (and on...):

1. I FINALLY steam cleaned my living room carpet... well... most of it. I didn't do a few patches because I wanted to leave somewhere to sit on the floor that wasn't wet, but the other parts are dry now, so I can do that tonight or tomorrow. The water that came out of my carpet was almost black though... that's bad. REAL bad. I also might not be the best at vacuuming.... *shifty looks*

2. As you can see, I made a bunch of books :) I dug through stuff that I had tucked away in corners and behind other things and found some goodies. I've got a bunch more wrap journals in the works and in my head. If you've got a request, e-mail me and I'll tell you what I've got.

3. The shawl is progressing BEAUTIFULLY!

This one will have a knitted on border... like knitted on parallel to the rest of it. I've got plans, just trust me :) I will be offering this one for sale online as a pdf unless someone approaches me with a design deal first. See the lifeline? I had a retarded weekend and realized 1) DO NOT thread a lifeline through your stitch markers and 2) You don't have to cut off stitch markers once you've threaded your lifeline through them. You can just let them hang from the lifeline and replace them with new ones until you remove the lifeline. I lost 4 stitch markers, but I learned a valuable lesson. Speaking of the lifeline, I've ripped back to it twice trying to find a good border pattern, and since I'm making it up, I've charted about 5 times, and I finally think I'm liking the results.

4. In my infinite insanity, I've decided to submit a sweater design for a future issue of IK. Yes, I realize I have never really designed a sweater before... what of it? I have plans and they're beautiful! Now to find some Kid Silk Haze to swatch with... anyone got a ball leftover that they'd be willing to trade? Don't know what you want for it, but e-mail me if you've got something in mind. This publishing bug really has my by the throat.

5. I have registered & purchased the domain mimknits.com. I will be building a site very soon and hopefully getting it up before the Summer Issue of IK comes out. Right now, I'm trying to figure out all the DNS shit... *sigh* It's causing some contention in my overcrowded household. Once it's up in all it's glory, I will be moving my blog. If I can't get the blogging template to work or something, then I guess the blog will stay here, but I'd rather have it all in one place. I plan on having a section for books, a section for knitting patterns (free ones and ones to purchase), put my tutorials from my old website up as well as probably some more... maybe videos if I have the bandwidth. I'm really excited!

6. I have a flight booked for my trip to Philadelpia in March! I will be leaving March 28 and coming back on Apr. 3. I plan to meet up with Naomi at some point. Which of those days will be best for you N? Anybody else in the area? Anyone got any suggestions of things I need to do or see or eat?

7. The best thing in the world on a shitty Tuesday that also happens to be a shitty )#%&ing Valentine's Day is to run into a beautiful person as she's coming out of the ladies room. Especially if that person is so happy to see you that she gives you *4* of the BEST HUGS IN THE WORLD, and makes herself late for class because she genuinely cares about how you're doing. Annemarie, I love your guts!