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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Olympics are over...

... and so is the weekend. I wish the weekend were longer. I could have used a bit more relaxation.

But check it out! TWO finished Adamas shawls! First, there's Disentagled's Olympic Adamas shawl at A Little Loopy. And there's also Rose's finished Adamas at Rose Read. They look lovely ladies! Good job! I'm fairly certain I've missed someone who knit Adamas... if I did, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to post it, and please accept my profuse apologies, the winter doldrums are setting in and I'm slightly overwhelmed by everyday life, so I've been missing things.

*edit*: It's HEATHER's I forgot! Congrats on the gold Heather!

Hopefully I'll have a better entry with pictures tomorrow. I've got a new sock past the heel and almost done with the gusset, so I'll get pics of that and the poor baby sweater... you may never get pics of my finished regia cotton/wool socks haha! Kind of going crazy here... Maybe I'll elaborate tomorrow.


*edit 2* Did you SEE who left a comment! I think I may just die a happy knit blogger now ;)