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Monday, February 06, 2006

My Mommy Loves Me

She bought me a new coat!

It's a wool and CASHMERE blend! *drool* It replaces my old coat with a disintegrated lining that had been replaced and disintegrated again. Plus the old coat was wearing thin around the buttons and it had a hole in the wool on the back. Happy!! My little brother (who is the photographer for this pic) says I look like a Pirate today with the black headscarf.

Knitting also loves me, while chores... not so much. I was going to clean my carpets again (like the weekend BEFORE last) and didn't. In fact, I didn't get much of anything done other than a load of dishes in my dishwasher, and a couple sinkfuls of the big stuff that can't go in the dishwasher. But I finished a book that Carole will give to her husband for Valentines Day. Just trust me, it's cool :)

But knitting has been good. I had started a new shawl design using Judy's handspun, hand dyed merino silk yarn, but in the end, the design I wanted to do was much too complicated for the variegations in the yarn. So I ripped that back and I started the design in some Shadow from Knitpicks. Here's a peak... not that you can SEE anything. But this one is complex. This is a pattern with design on BOTH right and wrong sides. For ADVANCED knitters, trust me. :)

We went to see Tristan and Isolde (pretty good movie, I must say) on Saturday, and I KNEW the shawl wasn't going to be good movie knitting, so I cast on a really boring, really simple pair of socks. Love on the Stockinette! It's a cotton/wool blend yarn from Regia. It's kind of a bitch to knit with, but it's making some pretty nice socks. Not as stretchy as wool, but still nice. And I LOVE the subtle browns. All in all, perfect for knitting while working on the complicated crazy shawl...

Which I think will be LOVELY when it's done, I just wish I had more time to work on it. I requires that I sit with the pattern, not a lot of distractions and good lighting, which is something I haven't encountered in YEARS! All my knitting has been memorizable after a couple repeats and then I usually can knit anything anytime (including lace on the bus while having a conversation). A little irksome, but this will pass :)