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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Confessions

Check out Heather's finished Adamas! It's LOVELY! And she even started another one! Glad you like it Heather!

OK, I have some confessions to make.

1. I have never owned any Koigu. I cast on a wee swatch, knit a few rows and then ripped out some that Marnie brought on our meet up. But I've never had the joy of Koigu otherwise.

2. I have never owned a Chibi. I hear those bent tipped needles are NICE, but I've never worked with them.

3. I secretly watch everyone's Gathering of Lace projects take shape, and I plot ways to get my LYS to stock the book so I can drool over it every week. So beautiful, and yet, I haven't ever even flipped through the pages! I would love to buy it, but can't justify spending the money on a book that I don't need when I'm having a hard time making ends meet as it is.

4. I've only recently started swatching. I didn't used to do it, and after reading things on blogs, I realized it really IS important. In fact, I'd never WASHED a swatch until this weekend after Margene's quasi-rant about how important it was.

Got any confessions of your own? Consider this a sort-of-a-meme. If you want to be tagged, go for it.