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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Grrlfriends are Goood!

Random Wednesdays at work again... list form comin' at ya!

1. Happy Ides of March! The day when we celebrate the death of Julius Ceasar as made famous by Shakespeare's play. Et tu, Brute?

2. My lovely friend Kim was visiting family in the area while on Spring Break from Lexington, Virginia. And the Logan grrls took a roadtrip! It's been so long since I was able to go the 3 hour round trip drive to Salt Lake to hang out with all the lovely ladies! Bloggers in attendance were Myself, Kim, Tina, Isela, Margene, Eliza, Susan, Laurie, Katherine, Bonnie, and Teri. Non-bloggers included Heather, Jessamin, a new girl named Julie, Karen (who sells her FABULOUS hand dyed yarns here. and I'm sure someone else I'm forgetting....

3. I rationalized not buying some of Karen's sock yarn by inventing a thing called Sock Yarn Karma. Where if you buy sock yarn when you shouldn't really be spending the money, then your socks will carry bad Karma with them and terrible and annoying things will happen to you. Unless you let the sock yarn marinate in your stash long enough that the sock yarn karma dissipates.... shut up. It totally worked in my head! At least it kept my from buying the yarn. I'll get some someday though.

4. Speaking of socks! I took a picture of handknit socks representin' at SnB! I even photoshopped it so I wouldn't have to mess up the description of who's socks were which (although Margene was distracted so her handknit socks aren't in this picture). SHINY!

Please note Isela's very newly finished Saxony Sock :) It's sooooft!

5. I've succumbed to the evil and started reading Harry Potter ;) I'm about two thirds done with the first book.

6. My socks progress apace. One of the Koigu socks is ready to turn the heel, and the other is close behind. Eleanora's sock is ready for the heel turn too, but I just decided this morning to go for a practical and comfortable heel instead of something more period. Because above all, I want these socks to be WEARABLE history.

7. The only good thing about having your period is that you know that you're not pregnant. Other than that, I feel like shit.

8. I also am still having a hard time breathing at 3:30pm because this morning I was at the bus stop and realized I had forgotten something, so I ran back home, got it, and ran back to the bus stop. Thankfully the bus waited for me, but my lungs were on fire... I must be sicker than I thought.

9. I leave for my trip to Philadelphia in 12 days! Woot!