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Monday, March 13, 2006

F is for....

Family and Fiber.

I took the picture expecting to also blog about Rose Gardener Brilliant, my paternal great grandmother who crochetted the afghan underneath, but I forgot to get a picture of her yesterday, so this entry will only be about the shawl on the top.

The shawl is woven rusty-orange colored wool, with a few moth-eaten spots, and beautiful detail in the weaving. It belonged to my great great Grandmother, Rosa Vittoria Arnoldo Amaral Furtado (alot of names... which I will try to explain...)

She was born Rosa Vittoria Amaral in Povoacao on the Azore island of Sao Miguel so far into the Atlantic ocean to hardly be called part of Portugal. She married Francisco Amaral (who was her 3rd cousin), emigrated to the United States (by sailing ship!) and had a little girl named Mary, but Francisco died of pneumonia when Mary was only 6 months old. Rosa then went back to the Old County where she remarried to Manuel Furtado*. She then returned to the United States, this time by steamer in 1910. There she bore 7 more children, Rosa (who's daughter is my Maternal Grandmother, Hilda Dias Simas), Evangeline, Manuel, John, Joseph, Anthony, and Helen (who was roughly the same age as my grandmother). That's her in the middle of the picture, with her husband standing in the back left, and her children except Mary and Rosa (who were pregnant at the time and therefore unphotographable).

Rosa basically raised my grandmother, Hilda. She and Helen grew up as sisters and Helen even moved out to San Diego after Hilda moved there with her new husband.

Rosa died in 1938 in Providence, Rhode Island.

*The Furtado name entered our line when one of our ancestors had a long-standing affair with the widowed Queen of Portugal. Furtado meaning "stolen" as in the stolen virtue of the queen who probably would have married him had it been possible in her situation.