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Friday, March 17, 2006

Sock love!

It's a veritable sock orgy over here! (I just KNOW I'm going to get some strange google hits for that one). I didn't post yesterday for a couple of reasons.

1. Not a lot of sock progress due to Harry Potter reading and
2. Too busy fighting with working on my new website. I think I've got a format that will work for me for a while. Of course, as I learn more in the program I'm using (Adobe GoLive CS2) then I'll probably make it cooler :) Right now what I want to do is just get a clean, usable site up and running.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you some knitting, since this is (duh!) a knitting blog. :)

Eleanora's sock is really a much warmer brown, but it's heathered, and I put it in overcast indirect sunlight for the photo, so it kind of washed out. But trust me, it's nice :) I battled with the heel... At first I thought I should do a Dutch Heel, as it was more period that the turned heel we like so much today, but decided against it, because it's an "inspired by" pattern, and frankly, I find this heel more comfortable. I tried doing an eye of partridge heel flap, but it just wasn't showing up in the solid, heathered yarn, so I decided to just do my normal slip-stitch reinforced heel and I think it compliments the patterning very well. The grand master plan is to finish this sock, write up the pattern and then knit the mate from the pattern so that I can test the written instructions. It should work since I've already sort of forgotten what I had done before because I've been obsessing over working on the Koigu socks. Mmmm...Koigu socks......

That's them behind Eleanora's sock. They're both ready for a heel flap, but I'm keeping myself from working on except when watching movies or doing something complicated, because I feel I ought to finish Eleanora's sock first.

Now I'm off to work on my website some more.