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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ugh... and G is for....

Sorry I've been a bit absent... busy at work, busy in my head... busy wondering why my period hasn't graced me with its presence (no, I'm not pregnant, I've checked, TWICE).

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. Usually I have a pretty tough skin. People saying mean things about me can make me a bit sad, but I don't usually freak out. Yesterday though I was checking my referral stats via SiteMeter, and I came across a message board where someone had said some disparaging things about one of my patterns. I was feeling very low. Because, dear readers, I make myself vulnerable with my patterns. They are extensions of my self. I'm totally fine with people not really liking the pattern and not wanting to knit it (there are a lot of patterns I don't like and wouldn't knit). I know it's nothing personal, just a difference in styles. But does that give someone a god-given right to insult me? No! If I don't like a pattern, I just say "Not for me!" or don't say anything at all... Anyway... I was feeling pretty crappy about it.

But then I read Heather Armstrong's post from yesterday where she recaps her hate mail from recent days (read it, I'll wait). My blog will never be NEARLY as well known as she is, nor do I really WANT it to be, but I am reassured by her ability to let people's negativity slide off her back, that someday I can do the same.

So in conclusion... G is for Growth. Constant growth. Here's to a thicker skin, constant self-evaluation and continual change. My new life-motto.


p.s. Please don't comment with "Oh Miriam! Your patterns are GREAT!" I didn't post this for positive feedback on my patterns and I'm really not in a mood to hear it. Thanks.

p.p.s. Sorry if this post sounds really dark and morbid... I'm too tired to put forth the effort of sounding cheery.