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Friday, April 14, 2006

"Why I'm Tired", or "I Want To Kill My Smokedetectors"

It's 4 am and I'm up. Why, you may ask? Because about 3:30, my smoke detector went on, beeped for about 10 seconds and then went off again. I checked it, no low battery indicator... just normal. Also, it alerts us when there's a low battery with little chirps every minute, but not full alarms. So I checked the house just to make sure nothing was burning.

Then about 10 minutes later, same thing. I got up with my pillow determined to fan away anything that might be setting it off. There was NOTHING. I hypothesized that perhaps it was dusty or some pollen from the open window had wafted in and set it off.

Keep in mind that we have 3 smoke detectors within 10 feet upstairs, and at this point I don't know which it is, except that it's not the one in our room (which leaves the one in the hall and the one in the second bedroom).

So I took down the hall detector and blew in it and a bit of dust came out. I figured that was probably it. And we went back to bed. Then 10 minutes later.... AGAIN with the wailing beeping for 10 seconds! I sat up in bed, cursed quite a bit and then got up, took both the hall and spare room smoke detectors down, took out their batteries, wrapped them in blankets to muffle the intermittent beeping they were still making and stuffed them in the laundry cupboard downstairs, which is as far from our bedroom as I can get them). And now? I can't get back to sleep.

If I were a coffee drinker, I slow drip into my bloodstream today. I've got a MASSIVE deadline today for work. Something that I can't miss, or do a sub-par job with. Send energy if you've got any extra to give. Perhaps tranquilizers would be good too.