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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Totally random WednesdayThursday

1. Look at Lindsay Lohan! She's wearing a Kittyville hat! We knitters will soon rule the WORLD!

2. We watched a funny movie last night. You know it's gonna be good when the first line of the movie is "I'm Deadly Thug #1!", and the official title of the movie has an exclaimation point at the end.

3. I love Karma! There's a big decision that I've been unsure of for a while, and it's getting to a point where I really need to decide, and there are so many factors that I was really torn. But I ran into someone who's decisions are sort of coinciding (sorry this is so vague), but I took it as a sign that I need to do this, so I'll be doing it... more details later. :)

4. In knitting news, I'm stalled on the mitten for Terri, awaiting some changes, and the tiny lace is TOTALLY not interesting to me at the moment, so I brought Sensational Knitted Socks, Knitting Vintage Socks and the Gems Pearl yarn that I bought at Loop in Philadelphia (that was a very linky sentence!) and I plan to pick a sock pattern that's simple and elegant to knit for myself. Something mindless that I don't need to have a chart in front of me to do.

Happy Thursday! Logan girls, are you coming to TNIK tonight? PLEASE say YES!


p.s. I took some gnifty flower pictures, you can see them here.