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Friday, April 21, 2006

Rambles on Music; or "Why I love Chronic Future"

Run! Do not Walk over to Kristi's to see her finished Seraphim shawl! It's SO beautiful! Congrats on the FO, Kristi daaaaahling!

I don't have a lot to say, I've swatched for my Philadelphia souvenir socks, but I haven't picked a pattern yet. And I can't show you the mittens (although I have the updated pattern now so I should be able to continue today), and the shawl I'm working on looks like a wimpy green blob... so um... yeah...

So I'll tell you about one of my favorite bands. I love music, I will talk about music given the right company, but I don't like classifying music into the micro-genres and getting all crazed about it. In general, I don't like country music or rap, and I like everything else, but each song, like each person has its own merits and it's own short comings. I like some country, and some rap-type things, but in general no.

But anyway... my favorite band is Chronic Future. If you click on "Media" you can listen to some of their songs. They have such an interesting blend of styles, sounds and beautifully real lyrics that I can listen to their songs over and over again without ever getting bored with them. Although you can't listen to it on their site, my favorite bit of their music is from the song titled "Memories in F Minor", at the very end of the song. It's very hard to describe, but it's amazing. While you're there, check out "Nothing Left To Loose" in the "Song of the Week" section. I think it may be my new favorite song.