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Monday, September 19, 2005

Good news all around

My Nana had her heart surgery and everything looks good. They're keeping her sedated for a day or two, but then they'll start to wake her up.

And Jackson (the tiny baby finally got a name) is doing really well. The valves in his heart have finished forming, so that's good. And he's got no brain damage, no blood on his brain, and should have no lasting effects. They're weaning him off the ventilator now.

Finally a good year! Last year found Nana with Stomach Cancer and having surgery for that, Aiden in the hospital for RSV and Pneumonia and My brother in law's brother being killed in a horrible car accident that left his wife and 2 kids in another country.

Oh... and don't miss Rachael's kill-em-with-love campaign. I don't have any money (don't get me started on the money thing... I'm getting depressed), but if I did, I would totally do this. It makes me so happy in an evil sort of way. :)