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Monday, September 12, 2005

spewing crap

A meme for now, later a knitting update.

Meme courtesy of Kim 1.
*edit* And I'd been tagged by Dlandra and didn't even know it!

Ten years ago: I was in 8th grade, still flat as a pancake and being made fun of for being the only girl in school with dark hair who wasn't native american. I lived in a town of about 4,000 people in the middle of nowhere. I was very unhappy.

Five years ago: I was in my first semester of college. Trying not to worry about C who had just left for Russia. Taking way too many credits and working part time in a photo lab where I had to print crime scene photos *shudder*

One year ago: I was beginning my last semester of college, basically not caring, trying to keep C healthy and trying to settle into my first salary and benefitted job, while still going to school. I am insane.

Five Snacks: This one changes all the time. Today I will say:

  • * Fruit. I love me some fruit, especially grapes

  • * Carrot Sticks (what I'm eating now)

  • * Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips

  • * Crazy sugary candy like Gobstoppers or Bottle Caps

  • * Fruit Juice. Especially Grapefruit and Cranberry

Five Songs I Know All the Words To (I can only pick five?!): Since that's very hard to narrow down, I'm going to give you 5 BANDS to whose songs I know all the words :)

  • * Collective Soul

  • * Tegan and Sara

  • * Linkin Park

  • * System of a Down

  • * The White Stripes

Five Things I Would Do With $100 Million:

  • * Move somewhere warmer and buy a house with land

  • * But a knitting machine

  • * Pay off debt

  • * Publish C's book

  • * Build a library of my own

Five Places I Would Run Away To:

  • * Ireland

  • * Italy

  • * San Diego

  • * Pennsylvania to visit my nametwin

  • * North Carolina

Five Things I Would Never Wear:

  • * PINK!

  • * A mini skirt

  • * A blouse cut to my navel

  • * Vinyl pants

  • * Pasties

Five Favorite TV Shows: We don't have TV, but if we did, I'd watch these:

  • * The Family Guy

  • * The Simpsons

  • * Archaeological shows on PBS

  • * British Literature turned movies on A&E

  • * All of the History Channell

Five Biggest Joys:

  • * Baking bread

  • * Snuggling with C while it rains outside

  • * Standing in the rain watching lightning

  • * Meditating in the afternoon sun

  • * Snuggling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea while the snow falls.

Five Favorite Toys:

  • * My hand drill (I use it for bookbinding... it's just cute)

  • * My Power drill (not cute, but oh so useful!)

  • * My sewing machine (every time I use it I think how lucky I am not to have to sew all the clothing we wear)

  • * Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

  • * My ball winder, oh yeah. Hours of enjoyment I tell you!!

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