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Friday, September 09, 2005


I just realized that the topic from yesterday's post was referring to the part that I decided to edit out. Oh well.

I would like you all to mark this occasion. This is precisely one week since I ripped and started Rogue over again. And here she is:

Beauty, thy name is Rogue. I'm so excited! That pile there is 2 completed sleeves, one nearly completed body (which is now fully complete thanks to lunch). I've sewn the shoulder seams and I'm beginning to pick up the stitches for the hood, so I'm just a hood away from a finished sweater! This will be my first finished sweater from a real pattern. The only other full size sweater I've hand knitted was from one of those "plug in the numbers based on your gauge" sweaters... and frankly it was kind of crappy.

I will probably finish her this weekend at the rate I'm going. I should have her blocked for Monday :)

Mmmm.. cables.....