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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rogue complete!!

Here she is!

Pattern: Rogue found at www.girlfromauntie.com
Yarn: Peruvian Highland Wool in Oxblood purchased from Elann (13 skiens)
Needles: US Size 7 clover circs, and US Size 5 Addi Turbos for facings.
Modifications: I wanted a smaller gauge, so I ended up with 5 spi instead of 4.5, but still got the same row gauge (6 rpi), so I knit the 39.5" size and it turned out perfect. I also made the sleeves longer to fit my gorilla arms. Now the sleeves hang the perfect length down my hands. I also made the hood slightly deeper so it would fit all my hair. Oh... and I opted NOT to do the pocket. Certainly don't need the extra bulk around my midriff!
Verdict: Sooo Fabulous! As warned by a couple people, the Peruvian Highland Wool pills a bit, but I'll just buy a sweater shaver or something, because it fits wonderfully and C says that although he hates sweaters, he thinks this one is fabulous. I'm so happy with it! :D