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Thursday, January 05, 2006


I've been tagged by Carrie K for a meme(memememmemememememe.... what?)

List 5 weird things about yourself, tag five other people to do the same, and then comment on their blogs that they have been tagged. I'll try to pick things that I haven't already mentioned in one of my "I'm crazy" rants.
1. My older brother peed on my head when I was about 5. He also made my younger brother eat dog food.
2. I have a deep and abiding love for Simon and Garfunkel. Yes, I know how much that clashes with my deep and abiding love for NIN.
3. I love getting in a hot shower or a hot bath and getting all steamed up and then scraping dead skin off of my body and face. It's not the feeling afterward that I love so much as seeing the gunk that comes off... Like Biore pore strips. I LOVE those things! I love seeing all that nasty stuff that was lurking in my pores and knowing that I triumphed over it.
4. I HATE kitten and puppy calendars. For GOD'S SAKE! If you like kittens or puppies, have pictures of your OWN kittens or puppies. Not a calendar of random pets with froofoo bows around their necks. Blech.
5. I secretly hate every picture of myself, although I'm getting better and I don't quite DESPISE them all now, but I still don't like them very much.

And for Jen and La... since they guilted me into it, here's my Avatar. I think the scarriest bit is the Corgi in the raincoat... *shudder*