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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Whole 'Olympic' Thing

K, first off... I don't have TV, so I won't be watching the olympics. I didn't have it in 2004 when the olympics were in Salt Lake City either. I know, I suck.

My first thoughts when hearing about the "Olympic Knitalong":

1. What will I knit? (Notice no second thoughts here, just blind following)
2. I knit Rogue in like... a week and a half, so a sweater wouldn't be that challenging unless it was a smaller gauge.
3. I routinely knit full sized lace shawls in a week, so no there as well.
4. Maybe multiple items. How many socks could I knit in 16 days? How many would that be doubled?

My reasoning after a little thought:

1. *said to self* Why do you want to be a joiner? You know you carefully choose knitalongs because you know that if you feel pressured to knit a certain thing and there's no monetary incentive, you'll just want to rip the whole goddamned thing out by the end of the knitalong.
2. Don't be a sheep! Stop blindly following trends! Be the anti-trend!
3. It should be about the process. Don't let the competitive drive overwhelm that!

My final decisions about the Olympic stuff:

1. No joining. At all. As much as I love the idea of sitting back and drinking some alcoholic beverage and watching the games, I know I will want to knit. Plus there's the not-having-TV problem for the watching part. As much as I like the idea of knitting just for the process of knitting, I do that already on my own and I know if I join I will feel like a sheep just joining for the sake of joining and I don't want to do that.

2. My wrists have been needing tender care lately. I don't want to feel pressure in anyway over my knitting or my lack thereof. Even if that pressure if just within my own mind and not from any external source.

So I end up being the odd one out, but then again, haven't I always been?