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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No progress to note

I've got basically no progress on the socks... one gusset is done, and the other is almost done, but it's hard to see and there's no sun, so crappy pics wouldn't do them justice. The clogs that I've basically not blogged about are stalled until I get up to Yarn Today to get more gray yarn, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow and just go to Night in Knots there and get it then. Isela, will you be driving through town making it possible for me to hitch a ride?

Tracey asked about working both socks at once, if I work one row on one and then switch, or work it in chunks. I answered her in an e-mail but thought somebody else might have the same question, so here's the answer:

I work it in chunks. Usually 1-2" chunks, but like for heels or toes, I work the whole heel or the whole toe, or the whole gusset. The advantage of doing both socks at once for me is that if I'm making up the pattern to fit someone specific, or just not using a previously written pattern, I don't have to take notes. I can just knit one sock until it's right and then knit the other the same to that point. I like it because there's no pattern-toting, and then they're VERY unique because I probably couldn't duplicate the pair exactly even if I wanted to. Kind of knitting dangerously ;)

Thanks for all the nice comments on my hair. Tomorrow I'll post pics of my hair cut for HNT, so you can all see it in all it's wavy shiny glory ;)