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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Almost Finished Socks and other FO's

Check out Kellie's finished Seraphim! She gave it to a friend who is about to start chemothreapy and made her cry (in a good way). Click the link in my sidebar for the info on the pattern and to buy it.

Aaaand I've finished one autumn leaf sock.*

All in all, the socks are a bit snug so far, but I like them that way. My row gauge must have been off from what the pattern called for because they're a wee bit short, but that adds to the snugness. The yarn feels nice though :) I should have the other toe finished by the end of the day with a finished pair to show you tomorrow.

Sorry for yesterday's fly-by post, but it was one of those crazy days at work when you've got a million things to do RIGHT NOW but because they're little things you finish the day still feeling like you haven't actually accomplished anything.


*I'm experimenting with the size I save my photos at to see if I can get a better compression in flickr... maybe I should just give it up and upload them to my own server... *sigh*

*edit* A bit better... I'll keep tweaking it.