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Monday, January 30, 2006

Quick Weekend Update In List Form

1. Didn't get the carpets cleaned, not too worried about it.
2. Got 3 books made and most of a 4th. Will probably have that one to post tomorrow. The other non-posted of the three is for Teri. See the 2 previous posts or the links in the sidebar for those books.
3. Got pictures taken and items posted on Curious Workmanship for sale.
4. Turned the heels and worked the gussets and got most of the feet done on my Autumn Leaf socks.
5. Watched a LOT of movies.
6. Refrained from strangling my live-in "house guest"
7. Took my daily vitamin and my Echinacea.
8. Made brownies
9. Ate brownies
10. Completely emptied out my bloglines feeds.
11. Did NO laundry
12. Did SOME dishes.

There, a dozen ought to do it.