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Sunday, March 19, 2006

1984 Weekend

I spent yesterday (Saturday) mostly watching movies. We went to see V for Vendetta (which was VERY good) and then rented Good Night, and Good Luck, so I suppose there was a theme there of "BEWARE! The government is trampling our civil rights!" Makes me want to be an activist or something.

I also watched A History of Violence which was also very good. It brought up interesting questions of how we view violent people, even if they're violent for the right reasons (to protect their families, etc...) and where do we draw that line? When is it too violent for what is needed? How much does intent matter? Things that are very important to ask ourselves. And Viggo is hot too ;)

Be sure to go check out Megan's finished Adamas Shawl! YAY! It looks GREAT Megan!