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Monday, March 20, 2006

Browser trouble!

Hey, it's come to my attention that if you are using Internet Explorer, you can't see my posts at the top of the page... I believe it's a problem with the column width for posts and a column width for the sidebar. They just don't like eachother in IE. If you keep scrolling down PAST the sidebar text, then you will see the posts. Even though I would love for you all to download Firefox (as it is more secure and less likely to lock up and FREE open-source software), I am working on a fix for you IE folks. I've asked blogger if they know of anything that will help, so I'm waiting for an answer from them. But hopefully it won't be like that for much longer.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

*EDIT* OK, I found the culprit... one VERY long link in my bloglines listie, so I made it private and now it doesn't push the entries to the bottom, but it's still got all my text centered for some STRANGE reason that I haven't yet figured out.