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Thursday, March 02, 2006

E is for....

... Ekho. Blog, meet Ekho.

This is our new housemate. Ekho is a 3 year old Siamese cat that we adopted yesterday from the Cache Humane Society. When I first saw him (his name was Buddy... blech) he was terrified. Huddled in his cage, pupils hugely dilated, and his heart beating out of his chest. Then the next time we came to see him he came to the wall of the cage to be petted. He was still scared and uncomfortable when we got him home, but as soon as we set up his litter box and sat down with him he turned on the motor and started rubbing up against everything, especially our hands.

We kept him in the bathroom for about an hour and a half and then he was just so eagar to explore that we let him out. He went around the house poking his head into every cranny to see what's there. He managed to turn off our computers by flipping the powerstrip's switch.

When he purrs intensely there's a little cooing trill on top of the base rumble. It's the cutest thing I've ever heard. He layed by me while I fell asleep until C came to bed, then he curled up by C's feet. He woke us up at 1 am meowing that he wanted to play. I gave him a pet and he let us sleep. When I got up, he got up with me so I could pet him, how nice of him. ;)

I'm so happy with how happy he seems to be with us. I was worried that he had been abused and was too far gone to every trust people again, but it looks like he was abused by the other 7 cats his previous owner had. He certainly wants to be an only cat. I'm sure Ekho will play a part in future blog posts, but luckily he seems to be uninterested in yarn, except to sit in piles of it. There was yarn dangling all over and he was totally oblivious. And I even knit with him on my lap and he didn't look twice at the twitching yarn. YAY!


p.s. his eyes are almost the same gray blue that C's are.