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Friday, March 03, 2006

So much news that I'm bursting at the seams

Hi all,

I've got plans. So many plans my head feels like its going to burst open. So many plans that I am skipping lunch even though I'm already starting to feel light headed because I have to finish things up.

The Mountain Peaks Shawl pattern is ready. I will be launching it on Monday. Along with a knit a long hosted here. The knitalong will officially start April 1st so KALers should have plenty of time to find yarn, etc...

On Monday morning I will post to this blog that the pattern is available and the first 5 people to join the KAL will receive a free copy of the Mountain Peaks Shawl pattern.

Everyone that joins the KAL before March 15th will be entered into a drawing for some hand dyed yarn (more than enough to make the shawl). That should give me time to get it mailed out to the winner before the cast on date.

There will also be a contest with some more hand dyed yarn for the first person to finish the shawl. I'll be dying the yarn this weekend, so I'll post pictures of it on Monday on the KAL blog.

I am so excited! And I'm close to having 2000 comments as well, so there will be a prize for the person who posts the 2000th comment. Contests and craziness, all the time around here. *squee!*

Spread the word to anyone who might be interested.


*edit* The link for the KAL has changd. We're combining the Mountain Peaks Shawl with Susan's Mountain Stream Scarf and making a "Mountain Lace Knitalong". If you've already bookmarked it, please update your bookmarks.