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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The day I was "Birfed"*

Hello fellow knitters! All is well in Miriam-land. Finally settling down after some upheaval, and I'm itching to start designing again. I've had a bunch of ideas float through my head in the last month, but I haven't had time to put any of them down in yarn, although I DID swatch for a sweater I've got in the works, but I don't really care to have a big old cardigan in my lap this time of year :)

My almost constant companion has been my lighterweight version of my Mountain Peaks Shawl. I've been working on it whenever I've got a moment (which hasn't been often), but it's growing steadily.... hopefully I can turn the bottom short rowed point tonight and then the long final stretch of the border on the other side. The yarn is lovely, and it makes good process knitting, but now and again, I JUST WANT SOME PRODUCT! And knitting on the same thing on TINY needles for a few months isn't quite condusive to product knitting. I did break down and start a pair of socks for Margene and Norma's Trek Along with Me KAL. Margene was kind enough to provide the yarn, and I'm sort of making up the pattern as I go. The colors are quite washed out there because I took it in astonishingly direct sunlight. Gotta love skylights in offices :)

AAAAND today is my birthday :) My older brother and I write e-mails to each other but type as if we were speaking with speech impediments. So the title of this post comes from his Happy Birthday e-mail. He said "Today is the day you were Birfed. Happy Birfday!" :) I'm gonna buy some yarn today in celebration of my birf.


And I'm terribly late in posting it, but check out Rene's finished Eleanora Socks! They're so beautiful! I love the heathery yarn!


p.s. I'm 24 today in case anyone was wondering.