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Friday, June 23, 2006

Estes Park blogging

I've been thinking about Estes Park and how to do it justice, and honestly I don't think I can. I don't mean to sound like I'm gloating over all you people who weren't there (neener, neener!), but it was just absolutely fabulous!

I met a whole lot of very nice and fabulous people and I felt more accepted than I've ever felt before. Imbrium (another quite fabulous person) explained it very well in her post. In many ways we're very much the same (slightly gothic at heart, unabashed love for Fantasy Novels), but on this we're not only on the same page, but in precisely the same sentence on that page. Read her post, it's good :)

So basically yeah... this was all a long winded way to tell you that I'm not going to blog the day by day of the trip. It was great and I'm sort of directing all of my energy to internalizing it, so you can follow all those links up there and see my pictures in my flickr photostream here, and call that good, k? I promise I'll show you my yarn and book acquisitions, but I need a sunlit picture of it to do it justice and I've just been too tired when I get home to do that.

On to the finished objects (by other people, not me... I'm still waiting for sunlight and energy to take the pictures of mine)!

Look at Bunchkin's finished Icarus shawl!

FOUR finished Seraphims!

Inky finished her Seraphim shawl! It's camoflaged for cat hair!

And Keri finished a Serpahim shawl too! I LOVE the color Keri!

And Linda (who is blogless) finished her seraphim and sent me pictures! You can see them here and here. She used Colinette Marinette in Blue Parrot. It's BEAUTIFUL Linda!

And Eva's is all but blocked!