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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Beginnings of a Garden

I did manage to finish the shawl this morning (didn't get it done at lunch), but I should hopefully be blocking it tonight or tomorrow. I have SnB tonight.

Yesterday I bought tomato plants, a red bell pepper plant, and some peppermint. I also bought a new pot to plant my basil in because it was getting a little bit root bound and anemic. So imagine a picture of a happy plant in a big ol' pot here :) I will probably plant the tomatoes and pepper today or tomorrow. I'll put the peppermint in a pot with the other herbs.

I've also planted some seeds for butterstick squash that I will transplant once they are sprouted and large enough, and some lettuce seeds that I'll plant somewhere else. It should be a GOOD summer! :)



Take a look at Tina's finished Adamas shawl! YAY! Way to be not-scared of lace Tina!