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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Too many things to NOT do a list :)

1. I'll be at Estes Park Wool Market this weekend! If you're coming and you've knit something, or ARE knitting something with one of my patterns, BRING IT ALONG! I'd love to see them all and take a great big giant picture! Come to the blogger meet-up at 11 am on Saturday!

2. I've finished my trekking socks for the Trek Along with Me KAL. Now to go hiking... or does my afternoon walk through the cemetary count?

I'll be taking some better pictures and posting the free pattern for these later this week (hopefully).

3. To international readers who would like to knit Adamas, I got an order in from KnitPicks, and I got 3 extra copies. If you live outside of KnitPicks' shipping area and would like a copy of Adamas, please e-mail me with your address and I will send you a paypal invoice for the pattern price plus the cost of an envelope and postage. Please put "Adamas" in the subject line so it doesn't get lost.

4. I also got the green Mtn. Peaks done, but I'm still trying to take some better photos. I got some good close up shots, but the thing I was trying to get a good full size shot didn't really work so well... I'll have to keep at it. The new version of the pattern should be available soon. I have to get the right software installed first.

5. I got my garden in! YAY! Tomatoes (2 kinds), Red bell peppers, Butterstick squash, and a whole balcony full of herbs in pots :) I plan on planting the lettuces in pots when I get back from Estes.

6. I went to a Chicken Show and Extravaganza with Katherine on Saturday... it was absolutely hysterical! The grand finale was a girl with a cowboy hat on, a chicken resting upside down in the crook of the cowboy hat, while the girl swung a rope around in circles with a boston terrier attached! There were also Chicken races, where Emerson lost and upset a lot of people who had bet on him. :)

I didn't realize things were quite so crazy this weekend! I'll give you a more detailed going over of things tomorrow or perhaps later today.