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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lovely weekend

First, to get this out of the way, here is a picture of my Estes Park purchases. If you want to get to the pretty Utah pictures, skip on past the list.

From left to right:
1. Mary Thomas' book of knitting patterns. I checked this out from the library and loved it so much that I had to buy it. Especially when I saw it was 30% off $7.95. Purchased from some place that also had spinning wheels... *shrug*

2. One skein of Textiles a Mano organic cotton. I usually don't like cotton, but this was SO GREAT! I'm going to make a summer top or something out of it. Purchased from Textiles a Mano.

3. One generous skein of "superlamb" Lambswool laceweight. It will become a shawl, although I'm not sure what kind of shawl yet. Purchased from Galina's.

4. One skein of Brooks Farm's limited edition Superwash Wool/Silk/Viscose blend. I don't recall the name of the colorway, but it was BEAUTIFUL! It's got gorgeous muted tones of all sorts of colors in there. It is destined to become socks, probably lacey ones. Purchased from (duh) Brooks Farm.

5. 2 skeins of Misti Alpaca in a bright lovely red. I'm trying to branch out and allow myself to wear colors that are bright. This looks very good on me. It will probably also become a shawl. Purchased from Yarn Today, my yarn store in Smithfield, UT

6. Unpictured, but I bought a Lantern Moon black sheepy tape measure. I couldn't resist. :) Also purchased from Yarn Today.

So this weekend, Margene escorted Michaele, Laurie, Gwen, Janise, and me up to Silver Fork Lodge for a lovely brunch, and a walk around Silver Lake as a farewell to Michaele who is moving back to Colorado. Since I'd never been, I was excited to see the beautiful place where Margene takes so many of her photos.

I got some good ones myself. Sorry for the picture heaviness of this post. Click the images for larger views.

We saw a bull moose up close, he was still "in the velvet" meaning that his horns still had fuzz on them. He must have been fairly young. We also saw 2 calves, but they had the good sense to stay far away from the trail.

These are some of the landscape pics I took (as well as the large one farther up that is my favorite).

I took these great Macro shots too. I LOVE nature photos!

I was going to take a shot of some really cool stumps, but the light wasn't right for it, but then I looked up and realized that Margene was right in the line of sight from the stumps. Bloggers blogging bloggers and all that.

We also found a letterbox that was hidden at Silver Lake. It was very cool and we're already plotting where to put our own letterboxes. I also found it fitting that Julie's new stitch cast is about letterboxing and carving your own stamp for letterboxing.

Hope you had a good weekend too!


Sally, Sophie, Sarah, and Merlin have all finised their Icarus Shawls! I LOVE seeing the variation that people come up with!

And Nadine finished a Seraphim shawl! She dyed the yarn with KoolAid too! It looks great, although it might swallow you alive! :)