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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Shawl design and other ramblings

So the entries keep rolling in. I've updated the list in the last post. Again, if I missed you, please let me know. And you've got until midnight Mountain Standard Time tonight. I'm so excited that I've got so many entries! And in response to a couple questions, yes, I will be Sort Of explaining the foot thing. It's a little bit weird... but not fetishy by any means :)

I discovered my new favorite color. At least for today. The color of beautifully canned plums.

That's the canned plums in light syrup on the left and plum jam on the right. The colors of the raw plums were amazing and inspired me to want to handpaint some yarn. Deep winey purples and reds, and the warm browns of the pits, with just a tinge of red. Inspiring really.

Next weekend? Apples.

These beautiful McIntosh apples are sitting in a huge bin in my living room and making my whole house smell lovely! Best part of all? FREE! I got them for free and I've been encouraged to come back and pick as many as are left on the trees.


So yes, I DO have interesting knitting to report. I've joined Lolly's Socktoberfest! And I'm working on some anklets for my niece for her birthday (which sadly was 2 weeks ago... I'm a bad auntie), and I've swatched for some socks for my mom for Christmas. But mostly I've been working on a new shawl design and I'm fast running out of yarn.

This is another mini version of a finished shawl, just to show the whole thing instead of just small swatches, but one skein of the yarn is proving to be too little. Hopefully KnitPicks will want to send me another. I'm waiting to hear from them about that.